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We solve all needs in Human Resource processes for your company, combining Technology and expert HR Services to respond to your specific problem or need, using more than 12 modules: Attraction and Selection, Performance and Development, Document Management, Culture and Work environment Management, Compensation, Benefits and Recognition, People Analytics, Employee Experience and Organizational Structure.

HR Suite Management Software is a Human Resource processes system for your company Management System (HRMS)

HR Suite Management Software

Who is the HRMS platform for?


It provides all the valuable information about Human Talent that the organizational managers and process leaders need for better decision-making.


This facilitates the employee experience at all times, connecting them with your organization through our different apps and human talent portal, in a simple and self-managing way.

Human Resources Department

Quickly manage your Human Talent processes, in a simple and practical way with the different modules of our suite, optimizing time so that you can focus on the strategic.


Know the scope of each HR Suite Management System solution

Our platform is 100% scalable and modular. So, you can choose the scope of your HR Suite and implement the module you need or the complete platform.

Core hr

Keep in order the structure and control the employees management and technical processes of HR.


Develop the skills of your employees, improving their productivity.

Recruitment & onboarding

Select the best talent and automate Onboarding processes


Now you can retain the best talent, ensure market competitiveness and strategically compensate your employees.


Identify key talent and manage its evolution.

HR strategy

Materialize the business strategy, strengthen the Employee Experience and generate analysis with strategic HR reports in real time.


Choose your ideal plan

The platform HR Suite Management Software adapts to your organization needs Choose one of the versions and guarantee the success of your employees according to your current situation.

Smart version

  • Standardized scope
  • No customization
  • Integration with base platforms (mail server, e-learning payroll)
Premium version
+ 300

  • Private machine
  • Customizable parameters
  • Integration with specialized platforms (ERP, Accounting, custom integrations, mail servers, payroll, e-learning)
  • Personalized look and feel
Complementary services
Additional features
Assessments on demand

  • Psychotechnical selection tests
  • Potential assessment
  • Culture Measurements
  • Work Environment Assessments
  • Tailor-made assessments
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Specialized consultancy

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More than 60% of Colombian businesses struggle to keep employees. Learn more about the Change Americas study in its entirety and the answer to the issue that is presently affecting the business ecosystem in Colombia.

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It was recently learned that HR Suite, Change Americas' disruptive software for Human Talent, acquired the company WTalent.

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Ivan Mayorga is the CEO of Change Digital, a spin-off company of Change Americas. It specializes in solving complex organizational projects using high-quality software.

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HR Suite Management Software


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